Nina Kraviz ’s new single “This Time” is a natural evolution and continuation of her debut album

“This Time” is the second single of Nina Kraviz ’s upcoming album.

For “This Time” the renowned producer, singer and DJ takes inspiration from Cindy Lauper, Laura Branigan and early Madonna records yet the song has kept that signature Nina Kraviz feel.

“I put my main focus on the arrangement and on the vocals to create a warm yet sultry atmosphere that my favourite pop music is known for.” – Nina Kraviz


Whilst “This Time” and “Skyscrapers” see Nina further explore her abilities as a singer, song writer and producer in a pop-leaning music field, they are also a natural evolution and continuation of Nina’s debut album.

Nina Kraviz – This Time
Release date: Friday, November 26th 2021

1. This Time
2. This Time (Instrumental Version)

Upcoming Nina Kraviz Tour Dates

19-Nov-2021 Space, Miami
20-Nov-2021 Timewarp, New York
26-Nov-2021 ApeX, Newcastle
27-Nov-2021 Warehouse Project, Manchester
27-Nov-2021 Hydra, London
4-Dec-2021 Contact Festival, Munich
5-Dec-2021 Berghain, Berlin
16-Dec-2021 Sandstorm Festival, Saudi
17-Dec-2021 Soho, New Delhi
18-Dec-2021 Hilltop, Goa
19-Dec-2021 Laslit Pleasuredome, Bangalore
30-Dec-2021 The Sec Hydro, Glasgow
30-Dec-2021 Awakenings, Amsterdam
31-Dec-2021 Romexpo, Bucharest