Blutch unveils new single Remparts feat Maxime Dangles with music video alarming about the climate emergency

Blutch “Remparts” – A new music video alarming about the climate emergency, featuring Maxime Dangles

On the eve of his debut album release on Astropolis Records, Blutch unveils an epileptic and a heartbreaking music video (directed by Romain Navier) in the form of a captivating timelapse gives a wake-up call on the state of our earth. While the time is ripe to new year greetings, the track ‘Remparts’ featuring Maxime Dangles, taken from his album ‘Terre Promise’, reminds us of the emergency of degrowth.

From the melting of the Columbia glacier in Alaska to the surreal expansion of the city of Dubai, a fast journey through time that reminds us of the fragile beauty of the world. The extremely rapid and infinite metamorphosis of an earth with limited resources as seen from the sky and the profound and lasting impact of human activities on the environment, between excessive urbanization, industrialisation, soil artificialisation, deforestation and the consequences of global warming.

At a frantic pace, the images follow one another, as if carried by the chaos of the percussion. First, there is the ocean, source of life, and the primary forests that spread out, unperturbed. Until the first trees fall. We have to make space. Farmland, cities, megacities, oil wells, airports, logistics hubs… Superstructures pile up in the landscape until their demented presence is saturated. Only then does everything fall apart and the long term resurfaces. When will we act?

Echoing the album ‘Terre Promise’, a tribute to Blutch’s native Brittany and a manifesto of his heartland, between nostalgic sound postcards and contemplative dream landscapes, this track produced in collaboration with electronic music reference Maxime Dangles is the rawest of the album, and contrasts with the naivety and enchanting emotions of the rest of the album, as if to remind us that his ‘Terre Promise – Promised Land’ is sadly compromised, a necessary message in the face of inaction and the urgency to slow down.