Premiere: Luxus Varta – Body Care [In Abstracto]

Body Care taken from Luxus Varta’s ‘Ideal Fix’ EP, out 25 March on In Abstracto

Sometimes it’s good to slow down the machines to get another look at your work. It seems that tempo limitation brings a different inspiration, a new way to experiment.

For his third release on his own label, In Abstracto, Luxus Varta ventures into a downtempo exploration through a five track EP with a bittersweet flavour.

From the twisted snare of ‘Genesis’ to the eerie pads of ‘Cria Cuervos’, the mysterious French producer delivers once again a unique musical journey between melodic Electro and raw IDM, as an ‘Ideal Fix’.

Luxus Varta – Ideal Fix
Track Listing:

1. Genesis
2. Pop Scam
3. Body Care
4. Opium Star
5. Cria Cuervos

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