Premiere: OTO – KOMA in FIRE part 1 (Walking Records)

KOMA in FIRE part 1 is taken from OTO ‘s “Koma in fire” EP out 08 April on Walking Records

This is the story of an uncle and his nephew who grew up together, who learned how to understand electronic music in the 90s, they have developed a strong love and passion for analogic music. The French duo OTO (BOHN and ÔTANÔ) always trying to explore the deepest parts of modular algorithms to perfect their 100% machine built live a raw diamond with so many different faces from soft melodies to sharp and rough beats.

Koma in Fire is declined in 2 versions with hypnotic and dark vocals for the peaktime, while constellation combines melody and industrial sounds.

Listen to KOMA in FIRE part 1 at Techno Trip Tracks of the Week episode here
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