Listen: Steel City Dance Discs debut Surusinghe ‘s ‘BAD GIRLS’

Steel City Dance Discs welcomes Surusinghe for an explosive debut. Five tracks built on the foundation of rhythm heavy percussion, thought provoking melodies inspired by traditional Sri Lankan instrumentation, and an underbelly of engulfing bass.

‘GOOD GIRLS / BAD GIRLS’ is a culmination of the sounds and culture that have influenced Surusinghe throughout her life. Listening to a combination of traditional music with her Sri-Lankan born father in her youth, to the more current impact that heritage and contemporary sounds of UK rave has had on the young producer since she moved to London from Melbourne in 2019 to further pursue a career in music.

DJing, producing, promoting, label running and artist management, Surusinghe has dedicated every waking moment to working within electronic music. Starting her career in 2015 as a volunteer at festivals, interning at touring companies, assisting agents, and finally progressing to managing some of the world’s most extraordinary talents. What remained consistent is her love for electronic music and the culture that surrounds it, and with this love came an inevitable drive to feed her own appetite for music production, eventually leading to this impressive five-track debut, coined as nod to her career within the music industry and the way in which the scene communicates.

Surusinghe explains –
“GOOD GIRLS / BAD GIRLS is a nod to the industry and the fake ass game we play, plus some of the hilarious memories I’ve made along the way. It’s also dedicated to my Dad, who taught me everything I know about music and its importance. He passed away before I got my first ever job in music so a day doesn’t go by where I don’t wonder if he knows I’ve done it all in memory of him. I’m extremely blessed to spend my life around wonderful musicians and industry workers and I hope this inspires anyone doubting themselves or feeling insecure to push yourself out of your comfort zone and take a chance on something new. “

Released: 23 June
Pre singles: ‘Bad Girls’ 21 April / ‘Heaven’ 19 May
Label: Steel City Dance Discs
Format: Vinyl / Digital / Download


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