Techno Para Dos (Raúl Villamil) reveals new album “Drama” w new single/video “Even more Dramatic”

The sound that Mexican Techno para dos (aka Raúl Villamil) agrees with the devil and the cosmos is as atmospheric and electronic as it is lo-fi, abstract and contemporary. Shocking, emotional, and even danceable at times, a proposal that can perfectly be inspiring to fans of Tim Hecker, Murcof, Clark, Ricardo Villalobos or Violeta Parra… Even Arca -instrumentals- on his 2017 LP.

His multiple layers and landscapes are painted in greys and icy tones. Something that is quite palpable in this first track “Even More Dramatic”, the first single to warn us that a new album is “Drama”. A palisade of seven songs where the limits of the emotional and the visceral are explored. From the constant conversations between synthetic and electronic textures. All this portrayed from a very personal point of view and always laughing at the ‘drama’.

(Photo credit: Gabriel Selassie)

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