BXTR joins the Skryptöm family with his very first LP No [Hu]Man’s Land

Member of the RAW agency in Paris, BXTR has quickly established himself as one of the emerging talents to watch out for on the French techno scene. On his first LP, he showcases his production skills, broadening his sound palette and going into breakbeats and IDM territory.

No [Hu]Man’s Land is a journey into a dystopian barren world, where the only remnants of our civilizations are altered sound bribes. The last physical remnants of the past take the form of anthropoids, devoid of humanity, and merely wandering among the rubbles. In this chaos, still lies reminiscences of the old days and a certain poetry, questioning the very existence of this world, before the reboot.

BXTR – No [Hu]Man’s Land [Skryptöm]
Format: CD / Digital
Release date: July 15th

1 – Holographic Whale Part 1 & 2
2 – Remains Of The Organic Past
3 – Breathless Beings
4 – Altered Memories Of The Crowd
5 – A Distant Bird Song
6 – Silver Shapes
7 – Organic Interlude
8 – Beautiful Voxel Landscapes
9 – It’s Crawling Between Cables
10 – Numerical Birth
11 – Dancing Anthropoids
12 – The Reboot

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