Melodic: Tracks of the Year 2022 (so far)

Our favourite Melodic Tracks of the Year 2022 (so far) are now available via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify

Melodic Tracks of the Year 2022 (so far) 3h Mix features Tracks and Remixes from:
Sasha, Alex Banks, Agents Of Time, Rodriguez Jr., DJ Seinfeld, Blutch, Max Cooper, Hannes Bieger, Simon Doty, Dosem, Super-Frog Saves Tokyo, Javier V & Atmospherika, Ebrahimi, Echoes From Past Worlds, Phonique, Bakka (BR), C.Vogt, Reboq, Jickow, Yet More, Hannes Bieger, Adriatique & Marino Canal, Menkee, Max von Sternberg, Mathew Jonson, Stephan Bodzin, James iD, Diisa, Endrik Schroeder, Leitstrahl, David Moreau, Denis Nocken, Gui Boratto, Mar Io, Who Else, Krankbrother, Nickon Faith, Peter Pixzel, Jacob Husley, Mark Reeve, 1979, Helsloot, Tube & Berger, Feverlane, Hardt Antoine, Anis Hachemi and Alex Kaspersky

Super-Frog Saves Tokyo – Higher [Electronic Architecture]
Javier V & Atmospherika – My Light (Original Mix)[Mashbuk Music]
Ebrahimi – Call Me By Your Name feat. BEA (SE) (Instrumental Mix) [Loot Recordings]
Echoes From Past Worlds – Q (Original Mix)
Phonique, Bakka (BR) – Spektre (DSF Remix) [Bar 25 Music]

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C.Vogt – Made In Macao (Powel Remix)[Bar 25 Music]
Reboq – Skyfall (Original Mix) [Movement Recordings]
Jickow – Burakumin (Robert Babicz Remix) [Olympe Music]
Yet More, Hannes Bieger – The Butterfly and the Bee [Balance]
Adriatique & Marino Canal feat. Delhia De France – Home feat. Delhia De France (Mind Against Remix) [Siamese Records]
Menkee – The Unexpected (Original Mix)[Pro B Tech Music]
Max von Sternberg – Callisto [New Tab Music]
Mathew Jonson – Marionette (Stephan Bodzin Remix) [Sapiens Rec.]
Anis Hachemi and Alex Kaspersky – Drumcode (Original Mix) [Dear Deer]
James iD – Voices (Extended Mix) [SIGNAL >> SUPPLY]
Diisa – The Ninth Planet (Original Mix) [Frequenza]
Endrik Schroeder – Reboot Robot (Leitstrahl Remix) [Mélopée Records]
David Moreau – Arpeggio for Strings (Original Mix) [Emerald & Doreen Rec.]
DJ Seinfeld – Lost Island [Ninja Tune]
Denis Nocken – Syncopation [Señorita Records]
Gui Boratto, Hannes Bieger – Requiem [Balance]
Agents Of Time – The Mirage [Kompakt]
Mar Io – Twilight Of Ages (Polygonia Remix)[Broque]
Who Else – Deep Blue Sea (Darin Epsilon Remix) [Family Piknik Music]
Sasha, Alex Banks – Australia [Last Night On Earth]
Rodriguez Jr., Hannes Bieger – Orca [Balance]
Simon Doty – Reality Check (Dosem Remix) [RECESS]
Krankbrother – Get Together [Krankbrother]
Nickon Faith – Circumambient [Self release]
Peter Pixzel – SoPhat(Jacob Husley Remix) [WetYourSelf! Recordings]
Mark Reeve – Alive(SubVision)

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1979 – Vulcano [Kompakt]
Helsloot – Let’s Pretend (Tube & Berger Remix) [Get Physical Music]
Blutch – Les Sables Blancs[Astropolis Records]
Max Cooper – Spectrum [Mesh]
Feverlane – Not Forever (Original Mix)[Poesie Musik]
Hardt Antoine – The Complex [Anemos Dance]

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