Futuristic 09 (Future Sounds)

The latest episode of Futuristic 09(Future Sounds by Doogie ), is available now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify.

This episode features new Tracks and Remixes from:
Actress and Mount Kimbie, Alex Banks, Force Mass Motion, Werner Niedermeier, Otik, Nina Kraviz, Congellous, Imaginary Number II, Soreab, Whipps, Robotek Reagan, Denise Rabe, Duke Boara, Anna Kost, Koloah, Phairo, SUBFICTION, Tali, Domiducati, Bonnie Banane, Regularfantasy, Gallegos, Angel D’lite, CaitC and RaidZero, Drum Origins, Mystific, Surreal and Motiv, Tenkei, Dan Structure, Sydney Bryce, Aura T-09 & Baseck, Locked Club, The Allegorist, Eraldo Bernocchi, K-LONE, THUGWIDOW x Bruised Skies

Werner Niedermeier – Simply Too Late [Bulletdodge Records]
Alex Banks – Recall Mindset [Mesh]
Imaginary Number II – Push [YUKU]

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Soreab – 5 A Side Jester [Soreab]
Whipps – Brainone [Duga Records]
Nina Kraviz – This Time (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)[Nina Kraviz Music]
Robotek Reagan – That Time I Nanoadapted Into A Cat God (‘And Now My Soul’s Stuck In The Holomatrix’ Mix) [Void Space Institute]
Actress and Mount Kimbie – AZD [Ninja Tune]
Denise Rabe – Dosing Off [Arkham Audio]
Congellous – Got To Prove [S.T.Jones]
Duke Boara – Switch [Duke Boara]
Anna Kost – Let Me Be [Hotflush]
Koloah – Retrocognition [Banoffee Pies Records]
Phairo – Drum Workout! [Phairo]
Otik – Channeler [Solar Body]
SUBFICTION – No Return [On Track Agency]
Tali featuring Pharaoh Swami – Lost Up In Your Love [TALIMUSIC]
THUGWIDOW x Bruised Skies – Blimey [Hooversound Recordings]
Domiducati – Du Coeur [GODDEZZ]
Bonnie Banane – CDA [Péché Mignon]
Regularfantasy – Maybe Nevermind (D.Tiffany’s Late Night Mix) [Specials Worldwide]
Force Mass Motion – You’ll Never Be Alone [Force Mass Motion]
Gallegos – Sycophantic Manic (Angel D’lite Remix) [Curving Track]
CaitC and RaidZero – Play (RaidZero Remix)[LUX Music]
Drum Origins – Again
Mystific – Rough Diamonds [Soul Trader Records]
Surreal and Motiv – Comfort Me [Fokuz Recordings]
Tenkei – Tonight [Fokuz Recordings]
Dan Structure ft Sydney Bryce – Strawberry Fields [Context Audio]

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Aura T-09 & Baseck – West Coast pt. 1 [Evar Records]
Locked Club – Dubai Girlfriend [Boysnoize Records]
The Allegorist – Redwinged Phoenix (Eraldo Bernocchi Rework)[Awaken Chronicles]
K-LONE – With Luv [Wych]

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Cover: Michael Dziedzic

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