Futuristic 01

DM presents Futuristic 01, after more than 20 episodes of Techno Trip, Deep ConnectFM, House ConnectFM, Electronic ConnectFM, and Melodic Journey, the time has come for something new and different, more innovative experimental Future Sounds curated by Doogie

1st Futuristic episode features new music from:
Kincaid, Sandilé aka Z, Branko & Iuri Oliveira, qwqwqwqwa, Joel Eel, STEB, Brine, Sirr TMO, Meowhat, Collignon, crouds, +plattform, Subp Yao, Emissive, RHR, Casino Times, John Tejada, Bejenec, Social Rhythm, GlassBox, Mercia, Tom VR, Lone, Robotek Reagan, Olan!, Amotik, UnoTurbo, Alcantara, Prospa X Kettama

Kincaid – Sudden Shifts In Perspective [Grid Records]
Z – Brave Love [Organic Downbeat]
Branko & Iuri Oliveira – CTG [Enchufada]
qwqwqwqwa – Core [Grid Records]
Joel Eel – Sweat (feat. Ausschuss) [Perpetual Care]
STEB – Broken Rules (Brine Remix) [Night Vibez Records]
Sirr TMO – Cool [Fade To Mind]
Meowhat – Third [Apparel Music]
crouds – It´s A Match w Ben Haviour [RFR Records]
Collignon – Noetic [Reflektor Records]
+plattform – Menfjor [PLOINK]
Subp Yao – Like Me [YUKU]
Emissive – Quartz Register [Telephone Explosion Records]
Theo Nasa – She’s A Manoeuvre [Rekids Special Projects]
RHR – Muita Pose [Tijolo Records]
Casino Times – Ultra Synthetic [Omena]
John Tejada – Isolate [Palette Recordings]
Bejenec – Schemat [System 108]
Social Rhythm – Loving Sum [Oblivious Transfer]
Mercia – City Of Villains (Kiddah Remix)[Motoring Records]
GlassBox – Interdimensional Cetecea [Juncture Music]
Tom VR – October (Lone Remix)[All My Thoughts]
Robotek Reagan – taste my lick [Void Space Institute]
Amotik – Unahttar (feat. Tina Ramamurthy) [Amotik]
Olan! – Uplink [0x01 Records]
UnoTurbo – Over-Torque (Original Mix) [Muti Music]
Prospa X Kettama – Close Your Eyes [Technicolour]
Alcantara – Ayre [Pyteca]

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Cover: Shubham Dhage

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