High Season (Chloé & Ben Shemie of Suuns) announces “The Call” LP on Permanent Vacation

Chloé Thévenin (Lumiere Noire) & Ben Shemie (of Suuns) are HIGH SEASON and present their upcoming LP ’The Call’ on Permanent Vacation, due to be released in April.

Their collaborative project, High Season, was created spontaneously as an extension of Shemie’s first participation in Chloé’s Endless Revisions album in 2017. High Season is above all the result of a human and artistic osmosis.

We didn’t really plan on making an album. We made songs without trying too hard to define any project. There is a somewhat DIY and spontaneous approach that I liked in the development of these pieces and I think it was important that we feel it when listening to the album” explains Chloé to describe the design of The Call.

Produced as a hybrid back-to-back, this first album consists of reactions, collisions and syntheses between Chloé‘s psychedelic writing tinged with a love of the dancefloor and the very particular voice of Ben Shemie, a poetic instrument with infinite possibilities. Nourished by this effervescence and the pleasure of collaboration between two artists who admire each other, the disc is placed at a crossroads: sometimes physical and efficient, sometimes heady and roaming. Inspirations run the gamut (kraut rock, ambient, minimal techno, cold wave) but High Season has succeeded in sounding like no other. As heard on Way Far, we recognize the shamanic vocalizations of Ben Shemie associated with a minimalist and mental club music, strangely warm and timeless, all in tantric crescendo. Minor Blues resonates like a primal slightly extra-terrestrial house, reminiscent of the futuristic evocative power of techno pioneers. Another highlight of the album, Hseas begins as a classic of Chloé’s work before being languidly wrapped up in Ben Shemie’s vocal parts, evoking the unlikely meeting of Aphex Twin and 80’s Paul McCartney.

High Season (Chloé and Ben Shemie) – The Call
Release Date: April 7, 2023


01 Mono
02 Way Far (out Feb 10) Preorder
03 Minor Blues
04 Call
05 Paris Texas
06 Compact
07 Stratégies Obliques
08 Hseas (out March 10)
09 aAria
10 Summercamp


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