Doline to release debut album ‘Dompte-regard’ on Grid

Doline ‘s 10/10 debut album lands on Clad’s Grid Records!

A big landmark beckons, it’s Doline’s debut LP, with it also being the first time a LP drops on Grid. The french producer has been making quite a name for himself, an affiliate of Teki Latex’s Sound Pellegrino crew and also dropping a fantastic EP on the France’s best, Paradoxe Club in 2020.

This new album sets new heights for Doline, his trademark sound & style is prominent within Dompte-regard, with his intricate sound design ever present. Throughout the LP, his synth work and captivating melodies make it glide between blissful home listening and adventurous club tracks. Fluctuating through tempo & moods with ease, Dompte-regard could not sum up Doline any better, a truly fantastic representation of an extremely talented producer.

Doline ‘Dompte-Regard’
Release Date: April 7th 2023


1. Doline – The Lobster n The Bee
2. Doline – Levant
3. Doline – Mill The Pink Link
4. Doline – Seven Attempt to Dazzle
5. Doline – Dompte-regard
6. Doline – Orage Réglisse
7. Doline – Echo Bosquet
8. Doline – Great Expectations
9. Doline – Odd Locus

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