Premiere: Palka – Nocturna [Electrocaïne]

Nocturna is taken from Palka’s Isha EP, out on 31 March on electrocaïne

The latest Opus in Electrocaine’s Z-Series, Isha is the sophomore E.P. of folktronica project Palka, spearheaded by Nicolas Charneau from Panama.
Inspired by Asia, Palka provides a 3-track story that builds up in an emotional crescendo while staying true to the motifs that originate from the group’s South American roots. Traditional instruments such as the African Kora are used to contrast the electronic sonic landscape of the project. It is presented in many genres, from slow-paced cumbia to more energetic rhythms.

The EP kicks off softly with the dreamy Nocturna. The title track picks the rhythm up while still retaining the trademark hazy atmosphere.
The final track acts as the project’s emotional peak combining strong folkloric vocals over nostalgic melodies.

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