Technoist to release The Whippings of Mass Distraction EP featuring remixes from Ben Pest & Cocktail Party Effect

Miike has been a pioneer of hardcore techno and breakcore for over two decades under his moniker The Teknoist, but over the last few years he has focussed on, and released a considerable amount of more, what could be described as “more reasonable tempo techno and electronic music”, under the his other moniker, Technoist. Throughout the years, as The Teknoist, Miike has released on record label titans such as Planet Mu, Ad Noiseam, Industrial Strength, Deathchant and Peace Off. As Technoist, he has been able to add Love Love, Industrial Strength’s ‘Hard Electronic’ and even Leisure System to his list of outlets, all along side the his multiple own record labels, Ninja Columbo, Samurai Brylkream, Our Fucking Jungle and now his newest joint venture, Grey Meta.

The EP features remixes by highly respected artists, Ben Pest (Mechatronica/I Love Acid) and Cocktail Party Effect (Tectonic/Sneaker Social Club), who have both contributed their unique spin to Miike’s original tracks. Ben Pest’s remix of Quest for Kenneth the Space Knife turns the more straight kicking existing piece in to a more swampy and groovy squat rave techno affair. Whilst Cocktail Party Effect‘s remix of Causal Loop Paradox takes the originals beautifully epic hang drum melodic element and runs with the musical idea, adding layers upon layers, where the end result builds to a frenzied energy that will leave listeners in a chaotic trance …all while having a zero drums. Sublime. In addition to his music career, Miike has always been a positive outspoken advocate for mental illness and health awareness. He uses his platforms and blog to raise awareness and break down the stigma around mental illness and health issues. He is a passionate spokesperson for people that live with Bipolar, ADHD, Autism and Schizophrenia, as he does himself.

Technoist – The Whippings of Mass Distraction
Release Date: June 6th 2023

1: Technoist – Causal Loop Paradox
2: Technoist – Quest for Kenneth the Space Knife
3: Technoist – Quest for Kenneth the Space Knife (Ben Pest Remix)
4: Technoist – Causal Loop Paradox (Cocktail Party Effect Remix)

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