DJ 3000 presents ‘Mezë EP’ – A Fusion of Music, Culture, and Life

Franki Juncaj, globally recognized as DJ 3000, is set to launch his fifth album, ‘Mezë.’ This release marks the culmination of an extraordinary artistic journey, inviting everyone to revel in the beauty of music, culture, and life while breaking down boundaries and uniting people through its masterfully crafted tracks.

Renowned for his ability to infuse Detroit‘s musical vibrancy with his Albanian heritage, DJ 3000 embarks on a fearless exploration of his roots. ‘Mezë EP’ harnesses the power of food as a metaphorical “glue” that harmoniously binds the realms of life and music.

The title track, ‘Mezë,’ transcends mere genre classification; it is an artistic masterpiece capturing the heart-pounding communal essence of a party, reflecting the vibrancy of sharing a meal together. ‘Humble Quest’ delves into the depths of Detroit‘s musical heritage, while ‘Tanbur’ perpetuates the global celebration, gracefully incorporating ethnic stringed instrument samples that ride atop a steady drumbeat. ‘Snake Eyes’ ventures into the realms of Electro, underscoring Franki’s mastery across diverse electronic dance music genres.

‘Mezë EP’ is a testament to the power of music, culture, and the universal joy of life. Join DJ 3000 on this extraordinary journey, where boundaries disappear, and we are brought together through music, food, and family.

DJ 3000 Mezë EP

DJ 3000 – Mezë
DJ 3000 – Humble Quest
DJ 3000 – Tanbur
DJ 3000 – Snake Eyes

Pre-order here upcoming 12” record ‘Mezë EP’ dropping October 20th. The first of four 12” records to be released from his upcoming album

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