Premiere: Tom Toms – Memory Mining [Back Door Records]

Memory Mining is taken from Tom Toms “Get The Mix!” EP on Back Door Records

Prepare to journey through a labyrinth of electronic soundscapes, as Back Door Records unveils the latest in its digital series. On Friday, September 22, 2023, Tom Toms is set to launch his debut EP, ‘Get The Mix!’, a boundary-pushing tour de force that defies convention and demands attention.

The EP opens with the eponymous track “Get The Mix!”, a pulsating anthem that submerges listeners in its hypnotic groove. It’s a charismatic blend of house energy and dynamism. Track two, “Memory Mining,” delves a little deeper into breakbeat territory. A sonic excavation, unearthing sounds from the past and forging them with a modern, electrifying edge. Here, Tom Toms skillfully mines for auditory gold, crafting a nostalgic yet refreshingly contemporary beat that resonates deep within the soul.

Closing out the EP, “Stellar Highway” riding on waves of expansive synth arrangements and propulsive beats. It’s a journeye that’s bound to leave listeners mooving. Tom Toms has crafted a unique sonic identity that is vibrant, adventurous, and daring. It’s a glimpse into the future of breaks, house, and electro.

Tom Toms – Get The Mix!
Track Listing:

01. Get The Mix!
02. Memory Mining
03. Stellar Highway

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