Premiere: Mean Feet – Do Not Disturb (Jake Twell Remix)[You Funked Up]

Mean Feet returns to YFU with his latest single, “Do Not Disturb,” and it’s a sensational blend of captivating vocals and infectious melodies.

This track is your go-to when you want to escape the world and simply bounce to the rhythm, creating an irresistible groove that’s impossible to resist. But the excitement doesn’t stop there; ROYLE4NINE adds his signature touch to the EP with a remix that injects a dose of high-energy beats, setting the stage for those moments when you’re in the mood to embrace the chaos.

On the other hand, Jake Twell, known for his tribal-inspired soundscapes, takes the track on a unique journey, infusing it with his distinctive style. “Do Not Disturb” by Mean Feet is a musical adventure that offers something for every mood and promises to keep your energy soaring.

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