Dorian Dumont (ECHT!): Where the enchanting world of classical piano collides with the electronic brilliance of APHEX TWIN

Always curious about new sounds and cultivating eclecticism, ‘to the APhEX’ stays truthful to the minimalistic aesthetics from the original tracks. From the unruly, emotionally stirring ‘180db_ [130]’ to the simple beauty of ‘Windowlicker’, Dumont is part of a new generation of musicians who have no intention of sticking to the rules. Dumont dances across the keys, perfectly capturing the mood and feeling of Aphex Twin, where classical meets electronic. Elsewhere, ‘PAPAT4 [155][pineal mix]’ is stripped to the core showcasing Dumont’s ingenuity, while ‘Avril 14th’ and album finale ‘#3 (Rhubarb)’, unfold with delicate piano, evoking a sense of tranquil introspection.

Born in Montpellier where he studied classical piano at the Conservatory, in 2005, Dumont achieved the highest distinctions in piano and chamber music. With a broadening interest in jazz and improvised music, he moved to Brussels in 2008 and after studying in the Jazz sections at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels then at the Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussel, he obtained his master’s degree in 2013.

In recent years, he has played an integral part of the critically acclaimed four-piece ‘ECHT!’ which breaks the boundaries between jazz, electronic music and hip-hop. In addition, Dumont also participates in numerous other projects across various genres including ‘Edges’ with Guillaume Vierset, Jim Black, and Anders Christensen or ‘Easy Pieces’ with Ben Sauzereau and Hendrik Lasure. He also collaborates with bands including Juicy, Vaague, Kuna Maze, and Pol Belardi’s Force, among others.

Dorian Dumont ‘to the APhEX’
Album released 23rd February 2024

‘180db_ [130]’
‘Icct Hedral’
‘PAPAT4 [155][pineal mix]’
‘Avril 14th’
‘Icct Hedral’s Echo’
‘#3 (Rhubarb)’


Dorian Dumont will perform live at the Jazz Café, London on the 20th of May 2024.