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Alec Troniq to release Early Reflexion EP on Broque

Alec Troniq is an artist who feels just as at home at summer festivals as he does in a strobe-fogged techno cellar or a concert hall complete with symphony orchestra. He can look back to countless releases on labels such as SNOE, Complexed, Mo‘s Ferry and, most recently, the favorite label project of Laurent Garnier and Scan X (COD3 QR), plus highly acclaimed international tours and various musical crossover excursions. Now it is a good time for Alec to reflect on his twenty-year career with his new EP.

Thus, „Early Reflexion“, is dedicated to two pieces that had formed the foundation of Alec‘s first live acts, but have never seen the light of day as fully produced tracks, even though they anticipated many of the cornerstones of Alec‘s sound already back in the day. „It‘s Not A Feature, It‘s A Bug“ combines the playful, melody-driven pop appeal of his music with an unconditional drive to the dance floor. With the „Synth Happens Version“ for large orchestra, arranged together with composer and conductor Christian Dellacher, the track also shows Alec‘s potential for the big stage. On the other hand, „But Then Life Happened“ already anticipates a peak-time club sound that labels like Border Community have best been known for. Broque companion Counterfly gives the track a deep and very British-sounding dubstep interpretation that grooves along extremely elegantly. With „The Aviating“, an old acquaintance is also on board: a song that was already released on Broque in 2015 and attracted a lot of attention with Gabriel Vitel‘s emotional vocals and an open air sound that merged songwriting and dancefloor euphoria blending well into the summer zeitgeist. This time though, Alec turns it into a DMX-Krew-like retrofuturistic electro version that loses none of the pop appeal of the original. This EP is both a personal journey back in time and a look ahead. And that‘s exactly what makes great releases stand out among the pack.

Alec Troniq – Early Reflexion
Release Date: March 20th, 2024

01. The Aviating
02. Its Not A Feature Its A Bug (Synth Happens Version)
03. But Then Life Happened
04. But The Life Happened (Counterfly Remix)
05. Its Not A Feature Its A Bug

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