Klein Zage and Joey G ii join forces to deliver “New Cross to Ridgewood” on Rhythm Section

Renowned for their boundary-pushing sonic explorations, Klein Zage and Joey G ii join forces to deliver a captivating fusion of spoken word and electronic beats in their latest collaborative EP, ‘From New Cross To Ridgewood’ inspired by their time living together in South London. Set to be released at the end of March, the EP promises an immersive auditory experience that transcends genre boundaries featuring remixes from Local Artist, DJ Python and Ariel Zetina.

The EP marks a return to the stripped back musical style Sage became known for early in her career on Orphan Records, such as Womanhood EP and the sensational ‘The Sayers’ on the 2022 edition of Shouts. The record effortlessly blends the ethereal spoken word prowess of Klein Zage with the electronic breaks wizardry of Joey G II. The duo’s ability to seamlessly merge spoken word poetry with innovative electronic soundscapes creates a unique and compelling listening journey that captivates from start to finish.

Adding to the allure of the EP are the remix contributions from three distinct artists, each bringing their own perspective and style to the project. Producer and DJ of the moment, Ariel Zetina steps up to the plate with an impressive hyper chopped percussive rework whilst Local Artist RS alumni delivers a stellar dubbed out version perfect for any sunrise moment. The EP is then rounded off by cult producer DJ Python, known for his mix of ambient and ethereal production processes creating a stripped back version of ‘A Little Dissonance’.

Klein Zage and Joey G ii – New Cross to Ridgewood
Release date: March 22nd

1.Folks Not Guys
2.The Commute
3.A Little Dissonance
4.Folks Not Guys (Ariel Zetina Remix)
5.Folks Not Guys (Local Artist Disco Dub)
6.A Little Dissonance (DJ Python Remix)

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