Deep ConnectFM 70: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of “Tracks of the Week Deep ConnectFM 70” edition is now available on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify

This episode features the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

Phuture, Tom Jarmey, Erol Alkan, DJ Deep, Frank & Tony, Philipp Priebe, Das Ende der Liebe, Deadbeat, Kuba Sojka, Lauren Ritter, Jesse Rivera, Monty Luke, Beatune, Sasha, Cristian Vogel, IULY.B, GRDN.,Theo Kottis, and more

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Curated by Doogie

1. Beatune – Pulsing Fumes [Everybody In]
2. Frank & Tony – Nobody Present Ever Stood So Still
3. Philipp Priebe – On The Way Out (Rising Sun Remix I)
4. Das Ende der Liebe, Deadbeat – Violetta (Deadbeat’s Lucky 7 Drum Dub)
5. Spinnage – Seconds In Love (Original Mix)

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6. Steve Self & Ledeep – Cross Performance [Rhythm Cult]
7. CC DISCO, Jennifer Loveless – Magic (Is In The Tempo) (Midnight Mix) [Miami Daddy]
8. Leeman Brothers – Untold Memories (Deephope Remix)
9. Kuba Sojka – Final Process – Rekids Special Projects
10. BAILE, Nuage – Everything in Nothing (Extended) – Course Records
11. Theodor Jasper – Mr Jacaranda (Extended Mix) [Night Mayors]
12. Rafa Santos – Where Is The Clubbing (Franck Roger remix)
13. Lauren Ritter – Antigone (Zone+ Remix)
14. Boaksi – Keep Movin’ [all my thoughts]
15. Jesse Rivera – Sluggish (Original Mix)
16. Midnight in a Toyshop – 100’s and 1000’s
17. DJ Deep – What’s Going On
18. IULY.B – Aurora
19. Monty Luke – Dark Paradise
20. Erol Alkan – A Hold On Love (Dyna-Mix) [Edit]
21. Sasha – Fleuron Drift (Theo Kottis Remix)
22. DCLVIII – Dream in reality

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23. Phuture – Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!) (K Alexi Shelby Remix)
24. Buran – Alnitak (Void Complet Remix)
25. Cristian Vogel – Tyrkisk Peber
26. GRDN. – Putney
27. Danvers – Heat
28. Tom Jarmey – Portal
29. Lucid Void – Escalate

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