Electronic ConnectFM 33

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Plaid, Optometry, Headache, Róisín Murphy, Gatos Negros, Luca Vera, Fit of Body, Greg Foat & Gigi Masin, Samuel Organ, John Barera & Brian Abelson, Natural Wonder Beauty Concept, Peter Kruder & Roberto Di Gioia, Serge Bulat, ITAI, Cee ElAssaad, John Beltran, Leaving Laurel, Ranj Kaler, Laura Misch, Maxine Scott, Odalie, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Speakers Corner Quartet, Steven Bamidele, Pete Josef, Altin Gün, YELKA, FybeOne, Liam Bailey, Brontez Purnell, The Sindecut & Ijeoma, Easy Star All-Stars, Maxi Priest, Marc Brauner, Gacha Bakradze, Rework, Ylia, Eddna, Summer Troupe and Briana Fletch

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

Fit of Body – Silk Flowers (Instrumental) [2MR]
Greg Foat & Gigi Masin – Love Theme [K7 Music]
John Barera & Brian Abelson – The Prelude [toucan sounds]
Natural Wonder Beauty Concept – The Veil II [Mexican Summer]
Peter Kruder & Roberto Di Gioia – Rache [PEYO Records]

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ITAI – Re-Birth (Aka the Pain) [The Teddy Bear Lounge]
Gatos Negros – Night Shift [Made in Green Records]
Cee ElAssaad – Cosmic Fusion (Ambient Mix) [Cacao Records]
John Beltran – La Hermosa Vista [Oathcreations]
Leaving Laurel – there is beauty when you allow yourself to see [Anjunadeep]
Ranj Kaler – Sensitive To Light (Maryer Chillout Mix) [Pro B Tech Music]
Laura Misch – City Lungs [One Little Independent]
Maxine Scott – New To This (Original Vocal) [Ramrock Blue Records]
Odalie – We Are Nature feat. Black Lilys [Mesh]
Salami Rose Joe Louis – Proof is in the Pudding [Brainfeeder]
Speakers Corner Quartet – Dreaded ! ((feat. Léa Sen)) [OTIH Records]
Steven Bamidele – Sitting In The Dark (Clean Edit) [Tru Thoughts]
Pete Josef – Sunny Side Up [Sonar Kollektiv]
Altin Gün – Leylim Ley [Glitterbeat Records]
YELKA – Hanover [Fun In The Church]
FybeOne – Bliss feat. Liam Bailey [Tru Thoughts]

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Brontez Purnell – The Reason I Can t Fucking Stand You (No Cigarettes) Ft. Summer Troupe and Briana Fletch [Dark Entries]
Róisín Murphy – Fader (Edit)[Ninja Tune]
Optometry – Chameleon (Plaid Remix) [Palette Recordings]
The Sindecut & Ijeoma – Different (Radio Edit)[Tru Thoughts]
Easy Star All-Stars – Starman (feat. Maxi Priest) [Easy Star Records]
Headache – The Beginning of the End [PLZ Make It Ruins]
Luca Vera – Third [Spazio Tempo]
Marc Brauner – Snowy Plover [Houseum]
Gacha Bakradze – Morning Chatter [Lapsus Records]
Rework – Off Love (Original Mix) [Rework]
Serge Bulat – Sa id Is Sad (And Equally Untroubled) – Single Version[Serge Bulat]
Ylia – Drifting Into the Good Night [Balmat]
Eddna – Thrilling Frustration [NIA Records]
Samuel Organ – Ethereal Remains [Supernature]

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Photo/Cover: Martijn Baudoin