!K7 announced the launch of a new division, 7K!, dedicated to cutting edge neo-classical musicians and composers. This is not an entirely new field for us. Having worked for years with artists like Brandt Brauer Frick, !K7 has been an innovative force in the contemporary classical movement since before theRead More →

The tides are turning for Mike Shannon and Takeshi Nishimoto, back with their second collaborative effort as Blue Fields. A project that debuted under Shannon’s own Haunt Music in 2012 with Ghost Story, their second album, Swimming in the Shadows is a deeper, more experimental piece that focuses on change,Read More →

Emika’s very first symphony orchestra piece ‘Melanfonie‘. Featuring soprano Michaela Šrůmová and The Prague Metropolitan Orchestra. This recording was paid for by Emika’s fans via her Kickstarter campaign ‘How To Make A Symphony’. Emika has reworked the original recordings to present key moments in the piece called ‘Momente’. Here weRead More →

The duo known for their genre-bending curiosity and surprising sonic detours, that explore experimental soundscapes as well as club-friendly beats, legendary and celebrated ambient kingpins, The Orb, premiere their 16th album, “COW / Chill Out, World!” Release Date: October 14, via Kompakt Supported by North American Tour Dates kicking offRead More →

Official music video for the single ‘The Never Ending Road’ by Dardust, taken from the new album “Birth” [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQdZk-iVR84&w=560&h=315] DARDUST is a new Italian instrumental music project that combines the piano atmospheres of minimalism with the avant-gardist electronic music world. DARDUST is an ensemble created by the pianist, composerRead More →

A year on from the WSR debut on Contort, Emanuele Porcinai returns to the label for his first LP titled ‘Chambers’. Written and recorded over the course of three years, between Manchester, Florence and Berlin. Conceived within intimate spaces, baring the flaws and imperfections of physically performed material, by exasperatingRead More →