K-LONE announces debut album Cape Cira, listen first single ‘Yelli’

Cape Cira is the lush, hypnotic debut album by acclaimed British producer K-LONE.

In contrast to his clubbier productions, Cape Cira sees the producer explore the full melodic and textural potentials of his sound, drawing influence from ambient, fourth world, and modern classical music to create a work more closely related to the outputs of SND, Jon Hassell, Burnt Friedman , or – more recently – Don’t DJ and Visible Cloaks.

The result of a short creative burst during a grim British winter, the record explores music as escapism, comprising a series of lush, warm vignettes that demonstrate music’s unique transportive power. Cape Cira takes place in a sensuous sonic world between the natural and digital realms: FM synthesisers mimic acoustic instruments, tuned percussion and bird song; and found sounds and field recordings are processed with a hyperreal sheen.

The gift for composition only hinted at in K-LONE’s work to date is on full display here. The artful and intuitive simplicity of the record’s melodies belies the complexity of their composition, where looping polyrhythms create shifting, unresolved patterns and ever-changing counterpoints.

Cape Cira marks the first full length release on Wisdom Teeth – the label he runs with friend and collaborator, Facta. The album stands as an exciting next step for both the producer and the label itself, furthering their reputation as key young voices in contemporary electronic music.

K-LONE Cape Cira
Release Date: April 24th, 2020
Track List:

A1. Yelli
A2. Cocoa
A3. Palmas
A4. Honey
B1. Cape Cira
B2. Bluefin
B3. In The Pines
B4. Happened