Sainte Vie – Estación Inmortal on Akumandra

Akumandra is the Mexican imprint of Sainte Vie. As a brief epilogue, the label promotes the exceptional artists riding the sub current of multicultural electronic music and, after 3 years of sharing its music for free, it’s about to release on vinyl for the first time.
As the twilight scene of music is in constant evolution, Akumandra is ever present with a distinct vibrant sound, ready to infuse new space.
Sainte Vie’s music is a prime summary of what it means to hear in a post-genre universe. As trends are quickly rendered obsolete, the accumulation of culture debris is becoming more significant in relation to the producer – the ability to create a nostalgic blur through a composition of artifacts and interpretations. Paying homage to this, Estación Inmortal (Sainte Vie’s first EP) produces the afterglow associated with an auditory epiphany. The combination of mellow interludes, earthy chord progressions and acoustic-synthetic equilibrium have the capacity to conquer both communal space and solitude.
Huracán, the first track of the EP, introduces aeolian riffs and a tribalistic repertoire to an abstract house backbone, whilst the vocals transform the production into a ritualistic summoning.
Albatross, explores saturated landscapes through a blend of miscellaneous percussion and raptured harps – the lower piano keys providing the infectious melody line. Maria, a collaboration with Pascale Ussel and the final track of the EP, stars a seductive vocal intercepted by retrograde lows and a melodic bass line reminiscent of the post-prog 90s bass.
release date:December 4th, 2017



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