Krief shares Automanic Video

The video for the title Portugal The Man/ Cold War Kids-esque track “Automanic” animates the album artwork ( reliving the tense moments before a car crash. In the video, the driver struggles to focus on the road as painful memories break her concentration. Krief appears as a ghostlike passenger in the car, reminding us that we can’t run away from our demons. The blinding headlights signal the collision and the impact beautifully overlaps dizzying camera effects during an orchestral bridge. In the final chorus, the message comes back to us in the lyrics, “it’s in your hands now.”
I often think of a film in my mind and write to that picture. The imagery I was getting for the song “Automanic” was that of someone driving on a dark highway and experiencing hallucinations in their passenger seat. Each hallucination is reminiscent of a failed relationship, ultimately distracting the driver into crashing the car. With that in mind I wanted the song to have a sense of acceleration and impending doom that I achieved by using pitch-shifting synths, and a drum beat that would get more chaotic with each measure. I chose this song as the title track, ’cause to me, it’s one song on the album that encapsulates every single other song involved. I approached Daniel Abraham and Pierre Alexandre Girard with the concept, and they brought it to a whole other level.’


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