Listen : Louis Rustum, returns with new single, ‘Watch Me’, via indie label Art People

‘Watch Me’ blends Rustum’s dynamic fusion of pop, R&B and ethereal beats into a tranquil and confident new offering. Taking inspiration from Frank Ocean, Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow, the twilight track shifts between Louis’ tender vocals, neat guitar licks and pensive drum patterns. Singing “I’m about to lift off, don’t intervene when I’m about to escape. Watch me make it on my own”, his new offering is all about individualism and independence.

Discussing his collaboration with friend and producer, Mathias Klysner, Rustum states that “[he] always takes me new places in terms of challenging my abilities. He always makes me look towards different angles. So the song is really about a certain liberation that I´ve found in my life after leaving things behind.


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