Rework to release “Heat (LP)” on My Favorite Robot Records (Out August 24th)

This summer, My Favorite Robot Records release another of their excellent and immersive full lengths, this time from German production outfit, Rework.

The duo of Daniel Varga and Michael Kuebler AKA Rework, describe their musical aesthetic as “new wave tech-house” and combine icy minimal structures with catchy euro-girl vocals, Anglo-French funk antics and a dash of dance floor melancholy. Playhouse, Meant and Items & Things have all released their work, which includes three albums before now. This latest is another musical adventure filled with surprises and comes with vocal contributions by the girls from She Lies.

Stylish opener ‘Needed You’ is a wave tinged disco cut with withering synths and aloof vocals that makes for a brooding combination. The title track picks up the pace with warped basslines and metallic drums that jerk your body, while the excellent ‘And It’s Fun’ is a synth laden trip into another realm. The crisp grooves and slapping hits of ‘You Are the One’ are doused in nimble Casio chord stabs with more ponderous vocals and ‘Baby Disco’ is a perfectly feel-good house track with fat bass and garage tinged drums to get any ‘floor moving.

After chillier, cold wave tinged machine grooves like ‘He’s So Different’ and the haunting Italo synths of ‘Kiss’, ‘Should We’ gets back to house with stiff chords and funky drums, the brilliant ‘Wait’ slows things down to a codeine paced dub disco chug, and top digital bonus ‘Outake’ is soul infused, synth laden house of the highest order.

This is an effortlessly diverse album that brings a wide range of influences to the table and ties them all together with Rework’s unique sense of style and cool.

Release Date:24-08-2018

1. Needed You
2. Heat
3. And It’s Fun
4. You Are The One
5. Baby Disco
6. He’s So Different
7. Kiss
8. Should We
9. Wait
10. Outake (Digital Bonus)