UMEK – Hell Archetypes on Filth on Acid

From the darkest depths of deep space, Slovenian techno titan UMEK returns to the uncontrolled planet called FOA with a three track bomber named Hell Archetypes.

UMEK is a dance legend who has been at the top of his game for years, has established his 1605 label as a key outlet for fresh club weaponry, and plays all over the world. He really knows how to cook up atmospheric tunes and proves that here.

Hell Archetypes is seven driving minutes of rumbling techno with a broad, menacing bassline and airy hi hats. It’s one to get the whole club marching to its beat.

Specific Flavour is another monster, with haunting atmospheres and groaning synths all trapping you in the darkness as the driving drums kick on.

Last but not least is Slightly Larger Than You, a big, warehouse sized cut with loopy drums and hits and plenty of industrial textures as well as distant groaning voices all making for a big wall of noise that is sure to blow up the club.

Release Date: 19th October 2018
Tracklisting (in order)

1) Hell Archetypes
2) Specific Flavour
3) Slightly Larger Than You