Ralph Session “The Boogie Down Part 1” (Half Assed Records)(15-01-2019)

Ralph Session continues to establish himself and the Half Assed label with another exciting new EP, which is the first of a two part release and shows off his superbly stylish sounds once again.

His last single had support from the likes of Jacques Renault, Black Loops and Cinthie who all bought into its authentic grooves. Session himself draws on his experience of the New York scene as both a DJ and dancer, from dazzling disco to freaky after-hours clubs. Having worked with some key vocalists before now he is fast becoming an essential solo producer with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

The brilliant opener, ‘The Get Down’, is a heart swelling big disco house jam with bouncing kicks and funky riffs. It comes with colourful chords and uplifting strings and is sure to keep dance floors excited with its timeless party appeal.

Then comes the superbly soulful ‘What’s Up With You,’ a more steamy and driving house cut, but one with plenty of noodling key phrases, steamy vocals and loose drum grooves that are packed with character. Echoing the best of disco licked house jams, it is a playful and charming cut that is impossible not to love.

These are two more terrifically personal and uplifting tracks from Session, with the sure to be special Part 2 set to follow later in 2019.

Release date 15-01-2019

01 The Get Down
02 What’s Up With You