Listen: Candenza revisit Felipe Venegas & Francisco Allendes’ iconic ‘Llovizna’ w/ remixes from Luciano, Loco Dice & the original producers

Candenza revisit Felipe Venegas and Francisco Allendes’ iconic ‘Llovizna’ this November, marking its 10th Anniversary with three remixes from Luciano, Loco Dice and the original producers themselves.

The marvelous Chilean blooded “Llovizna”, produced by the talented Felipe Venegas & Francisco Allendes was originally released in 2009 on Cadenza’s 40th vinyl release. We are delighted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its publication with a crisp remix by the mighty Luciano and a rework hot off the press by its original writers. Furthermore, there will be another heavyweight remixer, a big surprise and an appreciated comeback: Loco Dice who needs no introduction, and his remix of this Cadenza classic leaves us speechless. A magnificent bond of the original Latin vibes and astonishing peak-time sound manipulation with a relentless pace. The remixes and the rework will be released both on a vinyl EP and in digital format.” – Cadenza

Felipe Venegas & Francsico Allendes ‘Llovizna – 10th Anniversary’ EP drops on Cadenza on 1st November 2019, with a vinyl release to follow on 6th December 2019.


1. Llovizna (Luciano Remix)
2. Llovizna (Felipe Venegas & Francisco Allendes Rework)
3. Llovizna (Loco Dice Remix)