Video Premiere: Hior Chronik – Words Are Gone Feat. Hania Rani

There is a dark and cinematic atmosphere that chases throughout the new album by the Greek composer and producer Hior Chronik, a natural sequel to “Out Of The Dust”, released on 7K! in 2017. While retaining an ambient and modernclassic dimension, Blind Heaven goes in search of new territories to observe and interpret. Sound landscapes made of synthesizers, electronics, strings, woodwinds and above all magical touches of the piano, so minimal as they are brilliant in their being perfectly integrated into the sonic trajectories traced by the Berlin-based artist.

The meaning of everything I do is to share with people something that maybe they will need to listen and to make them feel more emotional in their life. This album is another part of me. It’s my personal demonstration and voice against everything that hurts nature and weak people.

Track after track Blind Heaven eveals itself by involving the listener in a particularly evocative and
immersive multi-stage sound journey: Nocturne, crepuscular, foggy, the record moves in neighboring territories without delineating a precise and static form: the sound moves magmatic, it is discovered, it hides, it explodes, it shrinks and once again it frees itself to cross extremely natural and eaceful landscapes, as well as darker, industrial, apocalyptic, noisy and powerful worlds. Storm, then quiet again, but a stillness crossed by splinters and flashes clearly visible in the distance.
Blind Heaven is the illusion of everyone who lives his myth in his own bubble without seeing what’s really going on outside.

Created between the autumn and winter of 2019 in Berlin, mixed and mastered in Athens by John Valasis (already at the mix for the previous “Out Of The Dust”), Blind Heaven confirms Hior Chronik as one of the main names of the scene poised between the electronic-ambient world and that of modern classical minimalism. Proof of this are the prestigious features of the album: from the Japanese, Masayoshi Fujita (Erased Tapes) playing the vibraphone in Blanket, to the Polish pianist Hania Rani, who for a long time accompanied Hior Chronik on tour and who plays the piano in Words Are Gone, the producer and sound engineer Francesco Donadello on the synths in, to the modular synths in One Eternity At The Time, up to the New York artist Amber Ortolano’s, voice in Beneath up to the trumpeter Christian Grothe adding his melodic tunes throughout the entire album.

1. Imitation of life
2. Beneath Feat. Amber Ortolano
3.Don’t mess with my heart
4. Blanket feat. Masayoshi Fujita
5. One Eternity At A Time feat. Francesco Donadello
6. The Words Are Gone feat. Hania Rani
7. Build our castles in the air
8. Intimacy of the unknown
9. Elixir