Premiere: Poolblood – Here’s Where The Story Ends (Accidental Popstar Records)

Here’s Where The Story Ends taken from Yummy EP out November 8 on Shamir’s Accidental Popstar Records

Reminiscent of Vivian Girls, Japanese Breakfast and Mannequin Pussy, Maryam describes themself as “a Cancer sun/Capricorn rising/Virgo moon who grew up a pop punk.” They recorded the EP with Shamir – who also lends guitar, lyrics, vocals and bass on it – in just three days right after Maryam lost a job and took the megabus to Philadelphia, PA.

Poolblood is an emotional project that encapsulates Maryam’s multitudes. It inspires feelings of “crying, dancing, teen movies and nostalgia,” Maryam says. “The process included a lot of memes, love and Shake Shack.” The songs have an intimacy but also boldness to them – a kind of energy Maryam also puts into riot grrrl-esque zines as well as their powerful music, when not hanging out with their guinea pig Gunnie or listening to the rain hitting the bedroom window. The Yummy EP is out today digitally and on vinyl via Accidental Popstar Records.
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Tour Dates
10/1: Toronto, Ontario @ The Baby G
10/10: Toronto, Ontario @ Owl’s Club