Premiere : Burnt Friedman – Unbehagen In Der Natur(Nonplace)

Unbehagen In Der Natur, taken from Burnt Friedman’s new album Musical Traditions in Central Europe, out May 31 on (Nonplace)

One of the most admireable characteristics of central European culture is its spirit of creativity, which makes this area one of the world’s most spectacular artistic centers. With such a complicated amalgam of races, religions and language as we find in central Europe, it is not surprising, that the musical life is endless in variety. Before the upheavals engendered by immigration policies , the introduction of 5 G technology and the gaining of maximum self expression, the separation of cultures must have been even more noticable, yet now in the sphere of music one can see them drawing more closely together.

This is especially true of an under-populated melting pot such as Berlin, where the sense of beauty is innate and one hardly meets a white male or a woman not being a painter or a dancer, or a musician.

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