J Gabriel returns to Eyedyllic Music with Levity Remixed by Akufen

New York City native J Gabriel marks a return to Eyedyllic Music with the sensational jazz-laden Levity, featuring two heavy-weight remixes from Perlon favourite Akufen.

No stranger to electronic music’s various facets, J Gabriel is a regular of New York institutions Output and The Brooklyn Mirage. His performances and releases have garnered recognition from some of the scene’s finest, having been remixed by the likes of Delano Smith , iO Mulen and many more. With one of his most impressive deliveries to date, Levity kicks off proceedings here, merging elements of deep house with soft minimal undertones to deliver a righteous lead track. Speaking of the release, he described how hardware was instrumental in the creation process. “I can remember having lots of fun with it in the studio experimenting and triggering an old Roland SH2, which gave a unique result and those chords on top sent through a Space Echo gave a certain combination of playfulness and nostalgia. I’m also so happy to have Akufen on board with his sonic stamp.

Described as “a godfather of microhouse” by XLR8R, Akufen aka Horror Inc. and The Stowaway has been carving out a signature output since 1999. Akufen’s Second Remix exudes his minimal house magic, retaining the deep tones of the original as whispering hats converge on echoing vocals, whilst the delicate bassline chugs along. Akufen’s First Remix rounds off the release with intricate and emotive piano chords at the focal point, creating a feel-good summer cut.

Release Date: 8th May 2020

1. J Gabriel – Levity (Original Mix)
2. J Gabriel – Levity (Akufen’s Second Remix)
3. J Gabriel – Levity (Akufen’s First Remix)

Based in New York and Ibiza, Eyedyllic Music is the soulful, groove-lead label founded by Mik Santoro and Kev Obrien. The label’s vision represents the ethos of its founders, one that focuses on releasing “beautiful, authentic, and emotionally rich electronic music”. Such a feat is achieved through Obrien and Santoro linking unlikely pairings of artists together, in order to sculpt music and releases that perfectly fit into the “eyedyllic” world they envision. Already this year, stunning works on Eyedyllic have come from the likes of Vincenzo and Kevin Yost, with J Gabriel’s Levity soon to follow.