Listen: Exclusive Premieres 02(ConnectFM Mix)

This week we presents “Exclusive Premieres #02” on our Weekly ConnectFM Radio Podcast
Dubiks Exclusive Premieres: Deep House, Deep Melodic, House, Tech House, Balearic, Nu Disco,Techno, Detroit Techno, Electro…,
Incl. J Majik, Capon, Donnell Knox, The Exaltics / Heinrich Mueller, Najel Monteiro, Distorted Drill, Eme Kuhlnek, Merlin, andrea 20hz and many more


Capon – Soundscape (Original Mix) (Armen Crew)
Dj Ocio – Man~ana Siempre es Mejor (Original Mix) (Maleza)
FromVostk – Solaris (Wout Records)
Eddi Shkiper – 0511Dub (Original Mix) (Dubiks Music)
Deepologic – Circle (Oversound Remix)(Dubwise Records)
Fran Di Gianni – 1984 (Hermetics Remix) (Soulutions Records)
Danny Buddah Morales – Comes to loving you (Bennyboy Recordings)
Hughes Giboulay – Soirée (a night in Marseille) (Nightflight Records)
Distorted Drill – Baba Jaga (Dubiks Music)
The Exaltics / Heinrich Mueller – Microwave Photon (SolarOneMusic)
Merlin – Sci-Fi Heaven (Dubiks Music)
J Majik – Life Force(Infrared Records)
Donnell Knox – No One (Sonic Mind)
Najel Monteiro – HotBox (Motech Records )
Eme Kuhlnek – Disturbed (Original Mix) (Teqwave Records )
BI-CI-EN – Reminiscence (Stickrsound )
andrea 20hz – Diciotto (PCOLOR )
OnScreenActor – Great Pulteney (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion )

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