Tracks of the Week: Techno Trip 09(ConnectFM)

Listen to Tracks of the Week Techno edition 09
Incl. new Tracks and Remixes from:
Ravn Jonassen, Maelstrom, Morphology, Arno Vancolen The Fear Ratio, Luxus Varta, NVNTR, James Ruskin, Nightdrive, Marboc, Heron, Flat Maze, Arnaud Le Texier, Detroit’s Filthiest, Will Simpson, Confidential Recipe, P-Ben, Elyas, FadeFace, Thomas Hessler, Ramė, Ken Ishii, Greencross, Pfirter & Oliver Rosemann, Ellen Allien, Keith Carnal, Pig&Dan & Gregor Tresher and Anmon

As Played on #ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected by Doogie, Mixed by Koja

1. Ravn Jonassen – There Will Be Light (Burial Soil)
2. Maelstrom – Dual-Phase (RAAR)
3. Morphology – Teogre (Cultivated Electronics)
4. Arno Vancolen – Saturn Studio (The Fear Ratio Remix) (EPMmusic)
5. Luxus Varta – Never Land ( In Abstracto)
6. NVNTR – Love thy Neighbor (Love Thy Remix) (NVNTR Music)
7. James Ruskin – Hang Up (Blueprint)
8. Nightdrive – Space shuttle (Dubiks Music)
9. Marboc – Process of Reflection (Original Mix) (International Day Off)
10. Heron – The D (iVAV Recordings)
11. Flat Maze – Gran Canaria (Arnaud Le Texier Remix) (Jazz-O-Tech)
12. Detroit’s Filthiest – All White Buffs (Will Simpson Remix) ( MCEC)
13. Confidential Recipe – Body (Detroit Feeling Mix) (Rekids Special Projects)
14. P-Ben – Despair (Original Mix) (Advanced (White))
15. Elyas – Good Old Days (Motech Records)
16. FadeFace – Artifacts (Thomas Hessler Remix) (Lemos)
17. Ramė – SV687 (Original Mix) [Binaural Records]
18. Ken Ishii – Disquiet (Greencross Remix) (Electropical Record)
19. Pfirter & Oliver Rosemann – Beta 02 (Stockholm LTD)
20. Ellen Allien – Walking In The Dark (Keith Carnal Remix) (BPitch)
21. Pig&Dan & Gregor Tresher – Challenger (Truesoul)
22. Anmon – Piano (YUKU)

Artwork: Ellen Allien

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