Premiere: Jeran Portis – At Dawn [Motech]

At Dawn is taken from Jeran Portis Resilient EP, out 06 May on Motech
Jeran Portis has been a member of the Motech family since 2017 with featured tracks on the ‘Consortium’ annual compilation series and an EP for the Jrums subsidiary. Now he delivers his first full-length EP for Motech entitled ‘Resilient’.

As Portis explains,

“The inspiration for this EP came in a time of isolation and uncertainty. It was about putting time to good use, not getting caught in downwards spirals. Hone your skills and talents – with a little practice and attention we can all become more resilient. Though it was written in somewhat dark times the overall idea is one of hope. The final track is called ‘At Dawn’, because there’s always a new beginning out there.”

That final sentiment is particularly fitting, as the release of his ‘Resilient EP’ will coincide with the release of fabric’s new mix compilation by TSHA which features a Jeran Portis exclusive – the track ‘Unproven’.

Speaking about his ‘Resilient EP’, Portis goes on to say, “Sonically this EP is an exploration into delay, sweeping EQ and dub techniques. The idea was to get a sense of fluidity into the tracks, with elements floating around the grid. Most of the chords come from the DX7, with constant tweaking in the mix making it move, the heat of the drums contrasting with coolness of the digital chords.

Jeran Portis’ talent shines through on his ‘Resilient EP’ which is released 6 May on Motech Records.
Track Listing:
1. Resilient
2. Succession
3. Pathways
4. At Dawn

Listen to Jeran Portis “At Dawn” on Techno Trip 30 Tracks of the Week here

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