Shed announces new album Towards East

Shed as a master of rhythmic complexity, minted by classic Techno, but also by british club music, by Dub Reggae with its echoes and hall and by counter-rotating bass & beats. On this album he expands his art to unexplored areas. Sampled orchestra sounds become rhythmic material and within the dramaturgy created, it seems you sometimes cannot hear a clear pulse any more. But the pulse is never gone, it just wandered into the arrangement of sound layers. Who is capable of arranging time, is always also capable to build da new future. Music with big ease and self-confidence but at the same time always moving.

Artist: Shed
Title: Towards East
Label: Edition Dur / Kultur ManuFaktur Dussmann
Release Date: JUNE 24th, 2022
Release Format: Vinyl

01. KMA Towards East
02. Absolute
03. No Dread!
04. In Between ( Für Geli)
05. Time
06. September 5th
07. Reichenberger
08. The Satisfied07. Uneasy Tones

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