Premiere: Seth Vogt & Katrin Souza – Underneath The Satellites

Underneath The Satellites by Seth Vogt & Katrin Souza is taken from Seth Vogt’s new LP Whatever After, out 29th July on Dissident Music

Seth Vogt has been producing world-class dance music for over two decades, all along remaining committed to his detailed, melodic signature sound, while still continuously evolving through changing trends and shifting genres. In short order: he moved to Orlando, FL to study recording in the late 90s, worked for some well-known studios, and was mentored by the late Bill Hamel. From there, it’s been strength to strength. His enviable CV includes projects with both mainstream and underground artists, boasting names such as Rihanna, 69 Boyz, Korn, Quivver, and PROFF, for labels like Def Jam, Atlantic, Bonzai, Black Hole, Jive, Sirup and tons more… including, of course, Dissident Music.

Seth Vogt – Whatever After

1. Seth Vogt & Alex Lorensso – Never Turn Back
2. Seth Vogt – After The Turn
3. Seth Vogt & Magnetic Ghost – Undertow
4. Seth Vogt & Dylan.JK.Vogt – Liquid Assets
5. Seth Vogt & Enviado Vida – Find A Way
6. Seth Vogt – Recess Suspended
7. Seth Vogt & Katrin Souza – Underneath The Satellites
8. Seth Vogt – Not Yourself
10. Seth Vogt – Fantastick Ride
11. Seth Vogt & kyamerA – Feeling Alright
12. Seth Vogt & Micke – Just A Theory

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