Hamza Rahimtula returns to Selekta Recordings with a Disco-infused new LP titled “Groove Guru”

Wind Horse Records founder and pioneering Indian House music DJ/Producer, Hamza Rahimtula returns to Selekta Recordings with a Disco-infused new LP titled “Groove Guru”. This 10-track collection blends East and West, with authentic beats and basslines rubbing shoulders with subtle traditional Indian touches to create a truly unique fusion for the dance-floor.

Right from the off, with the title track “Groove Guru”, the listener is greeted with a funk-driven tune that sets the tone for what’s to follow. “Do it Right” & “Guru Funk” keep things classic, taking dollops of inspiration from America’s evergreen House music hubs of Detroit & Chicago, combining timeless rhythms with sublime vocal, horn and string snippets, stellar synths and tough bass.


Next up, “Moody” keeps things nice and snappy with off-beat grooves and expertly arranged percussion, followed by “I Know How You Feel”, a beach or sundowner that’s essentially filled with laid-back good vibes through and through, with a dash of dubwise flavour. The second half of the LP opens up with “Nawar”, a deeper selector’s cut, nodding toward Bollywood with its string and vocal flourishes. Quirky and perfect for those intimate dance floor sessions, this one packs more punch than it seems at first listen.

Moving deeper into the LP, “Lonesome Beat”, a deceptively named rolling House groover has all the elements to make it one of the feel-good tunes of the summer. With beautifully crafted melodies, a simple yet effective kick-percussion combo along with soft, lush atmospheres give this track a persona that’s different from the others. “Blue Groove” is a retro-inspired track with playful guitars, uplifting keys and a bouncy rhythm that give it delightful charm.

The penultimate tune of the album, “Funky Chusky” is a glorious House music tune that’s meant for those sweaty peak hour dance-floors. Uptempo and free-flowing, the track takes listeners on a cosmic soulful voyage that’s sprinkled with a generous amount of Disco stardust. Rounding off the package is a radio edit of the title track “Groove Guru”, meant for those easy listening sessions in your car, at the bar or a party that’s far.

All in all “Groove Guru” is an inspired and unique collection, adding to Hamza’s ever increasing catalogue of quality house music.


This release will be supported/featured soon on ConnectFM Tracks of the Week, stay tuned, till then Listen to Hamza Rahimtula’s – Temple of Shakyamuni on Deep Tracks of the Year 2022 so far here