Futuristic 12 (Future Sounds)

The latest episode of Futuristic 12(Future Sounds by Doogie ) is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify.

This episode features new Tracks and Remixes from:
Bicep, Jacques Greene, Teebs, Pépé Bradock, MÖD4RN, ASA 808, Anja Lauvdal, United Freedom Collective, Jay Dee aka J Dilla, Andreas Balicki, Nikitch & Kuna Maze, IG Culture, Moff & Tarkin, DC Salas, Dana Kuehr, Bill Converse, Cuften, Noha, Cool Tiger, Oneven Stuxnet, Rasmus Hedlund, Shifting Gears, NEWEM, DJ LHC, Timothy Clerkin, Rookley, Force Mass Motion, Vaal, XL Order, PanicMan, Agency666, Force Placement, DJ Manny, Evasion, Duke Boara, Unknown Artist, Alkali, CELO, Vodkah, UFO!, Aaron Payne and RMS

Teebs – NES [Brainfeeder]
Anja Lauvdal – Sukkertare [Smalltown Supersound]
ASA 808 – Boy, Crush [TOYS Berlin]
United Freedom Collective – Am Ta [Dama Dama]
Jay Dee aka J Dilla – B.B.E. – Big Booty Express (Warmup Interlude by Pépé Bradock) [BBE Music]
Andreas Balicki – Bye [Rummelplatzmusik]

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Nikitch & Kuna Maze – 507 Miles High (IG Culture Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Moff & Tarkin – Great Tan [fortunea]
DC Salas – Tropical Weirdness (Jacques Greene Remix) [River Rapid]
Bicep – Waterfall [Ninja Tune]
Dana Kuehr – Almagest Slide [Basic Moves]
Bill Converse – Stroke [Dark Entries Records]
Cuften – Unibios [Astropolis Records]
Noha – Romantic Loops [A Beautiful Place]
Cool Tiger – Alive (Oneven Stuxnet Remix) [Junction Records]
Rasmus Hedlund – Bappa [Ljudverket]
Shifting Gears – Blue, Yellow, Red [toucan sounds]
NEWEM – Stroyshark [bORDEL]
DJ LHC – Bleeper ft. Oyubi [Curving Track]
Timothy Clerkin – Jangala (Rookley Remix) [Insult to Injury]
Force Mass Motion – Give You Everything [Force Mass Motion]
Vaal – Tragedy (feat. Liam Bailey)[Bedouin]
XL Order – Access Point [B4 Music]
PanicMan – Machine Drum Funk [YUKU]
Agency666 – Shyest Dancer [Psychocharmant Records]
MÖD4RN – Meta Immersion [Mod3rn records]
Force Placement – Upsetter (DJ Manny Remix)[Evar Records]
Evasion – Incubation [Influenza Media]

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Duke Boara – Beware of the Mad Man [Duke Boara]
Aaron Payne and RMS – Every Time I See [Rebel Music]
Unknown Artist – Some Of Us [Fokuz Recordings]
Alkali – In My Mind [Influenza Media]
CELO – Technoid [170plus12]
Vodkah – On Fire [Soul Trader Records]
UFO! – OPERATION DRAG n DROP [Psycho Bummer]

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Cover: Michael Dziedzic

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