Melodic Journey 39: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of ConnectFM Tracks of the Week Melodic Journey 39 is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Spotify

This episode incl. the best new Tracks and Remixes from:
Patrick Cowley, Eitan Reiter, YOKOCHO, Robert Babicz, Redshape, Luca Guerrieri, Tom Sharkett, Shafkkat, JourneyDeep, Ranj Kaler, Pahua, Warbrum, Aston Alb, Unseen., Goldspek, ÅNDfØLK, Jondi & Spesh, A-ta, Thousand Fingers, Justin Faust, David Moreau, Himszlow, Plasmatique, Max Tenrom, Jay-L, Masha Mar, Azzecca, GALAFUNK, Rose Ringed, Melawati, Courtion, Jay Pei, Jascha Hagen, LIBS & PARCEL

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

YOKOCHO – A Place To Call Home (Tom Sharkett 5am Mix) [Insult To Injury]
Shafkkat – Pan [Blank Dust]
JourneyDeep – Billy Kicks (Ranj Kaler Remix) [JourneyDeep Records]
Pahua – La Cura (Warbrum Remix)[Nacional Records]

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Aston Alba – Icarus [Earthly Delights]
Unseen., Goldspek – Love Temple (Original Mix)[Frequenza]
ÅNDfØLK – Shelter (Extended) [Caramel Records]
Jondi & Spesh – Organic Broccoli Florets (Original Mix) [Loöq Records]
A-ta, Thousand Fingers – Amygdala (Alternative Version) [Follow The Fingers]
Justin Faust – The Scoot (David Moreau Remix)[Emerald & Doreen Rec.]
Himszlow – Custo (Robert Babicz Remix) [Dear Deer]
Plasmatique – Posthuman [luft&liebe]
LIBS & PARCEL – Retrospection [Position Obscure]
Luca Guerrieri – Harmony (Velvet Mix) [Claps Records]
Max Tenrom – Fearless[Faites leur La danse]
Jay-L – Once upon a time [Unbelievable Music]
Masha Mar – Extended Release [Night Prism]
Patrick Cowley – Love & Passion [Dark Entries]
Eitan Reiter – Lost Souls [Boshke Beats Records]
Azzecca – Need U More (Extended) [Higher Ground]
GALAFUNK – Asleep (Extended Mix) [Sirup Music]
Rose Ringed – Fight For Love [Closed Eyes Recordings]
Melawati – Pain And Pressure [Ellum Audio]
Redshape – Crawler [Present Records]

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Courtion – B2 [Courtion]
Jay Pei – A Passage Of Time [Qilla Records]
Jascha Hagen – XX Blues [Oath]

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Cover: Ned Daniels

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