Premiere: Blaxad – Only A Thought In Your Head [Kuiper Noise]

“Only A Thought In Your Head” by Blaxad is taken from ‘This Is Nothing Vol. I’ EP, out 23 February on Kuiper Noise

‘This Is Nothing Vol. I’ is the first of its kind, as it marks a new chapter in Kuiper Noise’s history. A mean and lean mechanical beast, quick to draw iron and honest from the get-go about its true purpose on Earth: to lay out the rules of engagement on the dancefloor by showcasing the bangin’ skills of four different and talented techno producers.

And on the 1st episode of the series no focus is wasted on superficialities. Instead, what we have is a condensed block of skilled music making, as sophisticated as it is infectious, reading from a distance as a proper homage to the true heroes of the techno industry: the creators.

Holldën ‘s contribution to the record — ‘Pussier Than Heaven’ — is a thunderous affair, bolstered by a dynamic flow which juggles hard pounding notes with intriguing stabs, groovy voice sampling with thick riding atmospheres.

While Blaxad’s track ‘Only A Thought In Your Head’ puts forward a progression of retro rave savors, propelled by floatings armies of mystic basslines and modern percussion.

On the flipside, we have ‘Illusion As A Truth’ and ‘Simulação de um DJ’, two features carved by Portuguese techno craftsmen Ricky Cross and Raver’s Diary, the first a hypnotic tirade suitable for deep night incursions and the second a persistent jam infused with modular overtones and drumkit sound play.

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