Futuristic 16 (Future Sounds)

The latest episode of Futuristic 16(Future Sounds by Doogie ) is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify.

This episode features new Tracks and Remixes from:
Polinski, DJ Raff, Lawrence Hart, Hohn, Toada, ECHT!, Night Plow, Theressia, La Dame, Goldie B, Biggabush, Farda P & Jackie Walters, Kin Teal, Cameo Blush, Zar, Artist Code 574F49, Boys Shorts, Glo My, Alex Zelenka, Latchwork, Ferdinger, ANNĒ, Gus Heavy, Stimpy, Tommy The Cat, Subjects, Leniz, Vodkah, Dub Phizix, debashis sinha, Cardopusher, Shinra Knives, DJ Plead & Stain

DJ Raff – Basta! [Scene Unseen]
Night Plow – $1.49 Day [Night Plow]
Theressia – Gun [Cosmism Records]
ECHT! – Vault-A [Sdban Ultra]
La Dame – Watcha Gonna Do ft. Goldie B[ YUKU]
Biggabush – Black Swan Revival feat. Farda P & Jackie Walters (Robot Riddims Hurting A Different Style Remix) [Tru Thoughts]

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DJ Plead & Stain – Rent Request [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Lawrence Hart – How The Light Gets In [Attack Decay Sweet Release]
Kin Teal – In Hindsight [Tropopause Records]
Cameo Blush – Silkworm [Scarlet Tiger]
Zar – Miracles [ANARP Records]
Hohn Egypt Lake [STNS]
Artist Code 574F49 – Winning Dulls The Pain [Cod3 QR]
Boys Shorts – In The City [Polari]
Glo My – T.O.C. [Fairmount Foxes]
Alex Zelenka – Sun Showers (Latchwork Remix) [Invisibles Limited]
Ferdinger – Real Power (ANNĒ Breakmix) [Skryptöm Records]
Gus Heavy – Never have to [Plasma Audio]
Toada – Conchas [plūma]
Polinski – Distant Friend, I Love You! [Polinski]
Stimpy – Times That Never Come [Fokuz Recordings]
Tommy The Cat – Left unspoken [Fokuz Recordings]
Subjects – No Other Way [Deep Jungle]
Leniz – Ancient Beliefs [Fokuz Recordings]
Vodkah – No Dinner [Fokuz Recordings]

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Dub Phizix – Lumi [SenkaSonic]
debashis sinha – 1
Cardopusher – Unseen Terror [Evar Records]
Shinra Knives – I’ll Talk [YUKU]

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Cover: Michael Dziedzic