Deep ConnectFM 48: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of Tracks of the Week Deep ConnectFM 48 edition is available now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify

This episode features the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

Theiz, ItaloJohnson, Saytek, Vito Natoli, Felix Laband, Frivolous, Khulile, Pedro Capelossi, Krissky, Dan Piu, Rai Scott, Boet Quality, Berzingue, Finest Wear, Jenichi, Francesco Mami, Ageless, Gulou Home Studio, Jason Hersco, Jacob Husley, Ryan Paul, Project Runaway, Indy Nyles, ADRA, Niven, Ten Years Lost, JOANNES, Tim Sean-Lee, JVXTA, Molly, Mihail P, Melati ESP, Lucas Alexander & Timmy P

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie


Pedro Capelossi – Irezumi (Krissky Remix) [Loot Recordings]
Theiz – Incredible Colours [EPMmusic]
Dan Piu – Days Gone (Rai Scott remix)[Chubby!]
Felix Laband – We Know Major Tom`s A Junkie (Frivolous Remix)[Compost Records]
Khulile – Another Problem [Stay True Sounds]

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Boet Quality – Heart Of Spade [Stay True Sounds]
Berzingue – Night Cruise [Pont Neuf Records]
Finest Wear – Take Me To The Deep [Minor Notes Recordings]
Jenichi – Dream Imagine [Kinetika Music]
Francesco Mami – Piter (Ageless Mix) [Rhythm Cult]
Gulou Home Studio – Satellite (Original Mix) [REWLER Records]
Jason Hersco – On My Own [Apparel Music]
Jacob Husley – Love Comes Out Of Hiding (Original Mix) [WetYourSelf! Recordings]
Ryan Paul – Interpretation
Vito Natoli – Emotions [Hooj]
Saytek – IYNDUB01 (Live) [R&S Records]
Project Runaway – J&S [all my thoughts]
Indy Nyles – Catching Up From Being Left Behind [As You Like It Recordings]
ADRA – VR[As You Like It Recordings]
Niven – Woods [Blank Dust]
Ten Years Lost – Kendall’s S.O.S [Infinite Wisdom]
JOANNES – Love [RFR Records]
Tim Sean-Lee – Aluminized Plastic (D-Dub Version) [Monotone Sound]
ItaloJohnson – 16B1 [ItaloJohnson]

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Lucas Alexander & Timmy P – Ready Breaks [Moxy Muzik]
JVXTA – Lost In Place [Scissor & Thread]
Molly – It Feels Like It Only Goes Backwards [RDV Music]
Mihail P – Omec [Nightflight records]
Melati ESP – INTUISI [Carpark Records]

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