DJ Bone teases his next album with release of new single ‘The Will To Overcome’

DJ Bone makes his long-awaited return to his Subject Detroit label with a first taste of his forthcoming album, FURTHER

‘The Will To Overcome’ is an undiluted blast of everything that people have loved about DJ Bone’s music over the 30+ years of his career as a DJ & producer. Going against the grain of the current trend for ever-faster & more aggressive strains of techno, ‘The Will To Overcome’ combines an effervescent groove, piano chords and warm pads that build to a cathartic rush of technicolour synths that announce the return of a master of his craft to his iconic imprint.

FURTHER will be the closing chapter of DJ Bone’s album trilogy that began with 2018’s ‘A Piece of Beyond’, which was followed later that same year by ‘Beyond’. This first teaser for the new LP leaves no doubt that the hiatus has done nothing to blunt the force of DJ Bone’s talent, and promises further to come in 2023 and beyond.

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Photo credit: Marie Staggat