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Listen: Floating Points new single Bias on Ninja Tune

The track ‘Bias’ sat at the heart of Floating Points’ 2019 LP Crush. In a way, ‘Bias’ is the rest of that record in...

Listen : Spring Mix by Oversound

Listen First DubiksMusic Season Mix.Njoy! Mixed by Oversound,Selected by Doogie Oversound's new EP Healing of a Nation,out now https://soundcloud.com/dubiks/spring-mix-oversound Tracklist Nr.Title Artist 1 Tropical Imagination -Tomi Chair 2 Shimmer...

Premiere : Alex Gomez, Bias – Disco Invaders(Oblack Label)

Taken from Alex Gomez & Bias present "Disco Invaders EP",out January 28 on Oblack Label https://soundcloud.com/dubiks/premiere-alex-gomez-bias-disco-invadersoblack-label Attention DJ’s Disco Invaders EP is available For Club...

Premiere : Side Liner – A Dot in Noise (Koslif)

The Athens record label Koslif debuts with "Koslif, Vol. 1", a three-track ep characterized by an intricate sound design work and soaring harmonies, creating...