Mark Barrott -Sketches From An Island 2 Album Released 1st July on International Feel

The first ‘Sketches From An Island’ album garnered support from a diverse set of trailblazers. From Gilles Peterson to Trevor Jackson, Boiler Room to Pitchfork, Mark Barrott has become an unlikely hero for Balearic music after only a few short years living in Ibiza.

Barrott founded the International Feel label in Uruguay in 2008. Ironically his formula is to not pay attention to the outside world, valuing only his own intuition, which has more than once led him to drop out and find himself on the other side of the world. Barrott’s impermanence and isolation has steered the International Feel label to become a new voice for dance music, standing apart from current trends and one that many people are now gravitating towards.


Brunch with Suki
Over at Dieter’s Place
Driving to Cap Negret
Winter Sunset Sky
Distant Storms at Sea
Cirrus & Cumulus
der Stern, der nie vergeht
Forgotten Island
One Slow Thought


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