Petit Beurre – Vishva EP Part 1 on Motech

“Vishva EP’ is the second in a series of Installments on Motech Records this year, from ‘Austria’s exciting techno duo, artists Christoph Heiss and Christoph Meissl’s who together form Petite Beurre. The ‘Vishva EP’, (title and theme inspired by the universe, planets and lunar nodes) fantastically follows up from Petit Beurre’s January Motech Release, the ‘Turiya EP ’.

Petit Beurre ’s musical influences span from a wide array of genres from Soul, Funk and Jazz to the old-school flavoured House and Techno sounds that pollinated in Chicago and Detroit. Those influences shine through in abundance. Petit Beurre keep the arrangement simple throughout, and the utilisation of effects are kept to a minimum, resulting in a authentic, raw, old-school vibe across the six tracks. The sound is organic, rich and extremely soulful. ‘Dhara’ is one track that occurred through organic experimentation. Petit Beurre commented: “We were messing around with a new arpeggiator and we found a really interesting polyrhythmic sequence, adding a piano and strings which give the track the right kind of classic, old-school feeling”.

‘Vishva EP’ elevates listeners from techno’s dystopian realms of darkness to Utopian dreams of brighter days in one listen. Ketu’, the EP’s opening track is one of Petit Beurre’s funkiest productions to date and their favourite track on the EP. when you listen you will quickly understand as the synth locks you into the groove. This EP is perfect summer ammunition to ignite any authentic techno party.

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